Are You Among A Growing Trend Of Women Who Don't Ever Want To Get Married?

While the idea of tying the knot may be on most people’s bucket lists, for some, the idea of spending their life with one person through every up and down is just not something that fits into their life plan.

So if you thought every single woman you know is marriage obsessed with a secret Pinterest board for their dream wedding, you are seriously wrong.

And here’s some proof. These are the real-life accounts of why these six women are totally rejecting the idea of getting married:

1. I’m not “one and done.”

“I kind of have a guy’s mindset when it comes to dating and marriage. I don’t want to be tied down to just one person. It’s not how I roll.”

— Justine G., 24

2. I’m terrified.

“I can barely decide what I want to eat for dinner — how am I going to decide whom I should marry? It’s a decision I’ll be too anxious to make, so I just don’t want to make it. Every time I am in a relationship, and it starts to get serious, I back out because I convince myself that person is not marriage material and because I’m terrified. This is what I talk to my shrink about on the reg.”

— Krista W., 29

3. I don’t think I’ll meet “the one.”

“I’m literally convinced God created me to be alone. I don’t think I will ever meet ‘the one.’

— Tabitha Z., 25

4. I don’t need a man.

“A couple of my friends have gone to sperm banks and had kids on their own, which made me wonder why I’m in a rush to get married. I don’t care about finding my soulmate. I care about living the best version of my life, and that includes having a baby when I want to have a baby, not when I’ve found a guy.”

— Claire C., 32

5. Marriage is stupid.

“Literally what even is the point of marriage? Can’t I be with someone forever without being called their wife? I’m down to find someone to live with and spend time with, but why the hell do I need to put a title or a ring on it?”

— Shelby T., 23

6. Everyone gets divorced.

“My parents got divorced when I was 7 and most of my friends’ parents are divorced. Everyone I know is divorced. Why would I want to go through that? I’m cool with never getting married.”

— Tanya L., 21


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