Mom's Birthday - "Great Steak Off" - Between My Bro & I

First and foremost.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! Hopefully it was something special. 

So, we wanted to do something special for Mom's bday. Somehow some smack talk started a few weeks ago, don't remember how it started, but it led to the first ever "Great Steak Off" between my brother, Jeff, and I. Neither of us are pro's, but we love steak and love to experiment (and cook/em for that matter). 

SO, here's the deal......pretty simple

We each do a steak, any way we want......presented blindly to Mom (and Dad) for judging. Sides were the same for both. The winner gets...........well, nothing, but lots of pride and smack talk which is the most important. And, ultimately, the goal was for Mom and Dad to have a great meal. 

Let the competition begin...........

Jeff went with some sort of random dry rub, that he still hasn't explained to me, on a New York Strip. He was mostly banking on the smoke flavor as he prepared his on the Weber charcoal. She does like the charcoal flavor. So, seemed as though Jeff might be the favorite. 

Was I nervous? No. Page down.

Ok, I was a little nervous, but I was quite confident in both my seasoning, my cut and my method. I went with a, somewhat, unique seasoning on a Filet Mignon and prepared on my Weber Genesis. Man I love searing steak at 800 degrees. Mine were cooked perfectly for our taste (right around medium). In all fairness, Jeff's were a bit well done as the toughest challenge in all of this was timing everything. My steaks were thicker, so mine were done last. Probably giving me a bit of an advantage. 

Page down for full seasoning recipe   

I probably had a bit of an advantage of cook timing or it worked out that way anyway. I think Jeff mailed in his seasoning a bit too much, banking too much on the charcoal. Bottom line is.....I won. Again, it's all about giving our fantastic Mom & Dad a great meal......but I did win. 

CLICK HERE for the full seasoning recipe, I tweaked it a bit for our taste but DAMN it was good.

Oh, yeah, I won. 

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