The First Bombshell From "The Last Jedi" Was Accidentally Dropped On Twitter

Full disclosure, completely stole this from my friend AJ at KFAN. Just so there isn't confusion. :)

If there's one thing that I remember from my six years of Spanish it's that conjugation and gender roles in other languages are tricky. Case in point, this bombshell that accidentally dropped from the Official Italian Star Wars Twitter and Facebook page.

When the new movie title, The Last Jedi, was first released people were freaking out because the word "Jedi" can either be singular or plural. People began speculating...if it's singular is it Luke? If it's plural is it Luke and Rey? So on and so forth. Well, thanks to our Italian Star Wars friends we've officially got an answer.

This tweet put out by the official Italian Star Wars account earlier this morning answers this question for us all.

The title translated the title to "Gli ultimi Jedi", tells us undoubtedly that the title refers to more than one jedi.

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