Imagine Dragons, Cold War Kids, The Band Perry and more songs the Music Geek is obsessed with

Imagine Dragons - “Believer”

The Band Perry - “Stay In The Dark”

This one just makes the whole family happy. We had a dance party to this song the other night. It’s light and bouncy, sweet but a little naughty. Mostly, I just can’t get the damn thing out of my head.

Cold War Kids - “Love Is Mystical”

One thing you should notice right away is a theme of “woo-hoo’s” in ALL these songs. Apparently I love “woo-hoo” songs. Biggest thing for me in this song, aside from them being one of my favorite bands, is the lyrics. Nathan has a way with words and very unique way of putting his words together. Mix in a head nod factor and a sing along factor and I’m hooked. What I get from those powerful lyrics is a story of how love can be hard to find, what is love exactly, given it’s largely intangible.

The Revivalists - “Wish I Knew You”

This one for me is, largely, just a great groove. I can’t not move to this song. I haven’t so much dove into lyrics, I just can’t help but FEEL this song. Makes sense they’re from New Orleans, eh? Definitely bring some funk. And Rolling Stone says they’re a band “you need to know”. I agree.

Blue October - “I Want It”

I’ve made my love for this band no secret. I think their album, “Home” is one of the most underrated of 2016. I came of age in the “grunge days” (ugh, I hate that word), which was all very VERY powerful but VERY angsty and, even, angry. These days, with 2 beautiful girls and a wonderful wifey, I identify more with positive messages. Blue October, this song, always remind me of my family.

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