Paul Fletcher's Weekend In 5 (Or So) Pictures

The weekend was pretty nonstop, starting Friday night, I worked the Wild game. At said game, new Gopher Football Coach, PJ Fleck did the "Let's Play Hockey" call. I've been skeptical of this guy. His over the top, rah rah rah, attitude in interviews kind of put me off a bit. Like, is this guy really real? Come on. Lay off on all the syrupy company person, I get it. I really do get it. I'm on board and ready to row the boat. In person, my instincts told me he was very genuine. Super kind to me, the positivity was welcomed, not over the top. 

Saturday, we woke up, were lazy, discussed heading to the Mall Of America. Deliberated, mainly because I'm not sure either of us really wanted to deal with it (hahaha), but ultimately sucked it up cuz we knew the kiddos would love Underwater World, so off we went and we had a blast.

Here's a bonus Elsie pic from inside of an aquarium. Don't worry, we got her back before she drifted off with Nemo & Dory.

Fairly certain it's impossible to leave MOA without buying something, we saw this hat and couldn't resist, plus Elsie LOVES it so whatever. It's only money, right?

Shortly after this hat, we watched Boyz II, they've still got it. From the very first, a cappella note you could tell their voices hadn't lost a thing. Wow. I missed "End Of The Road" cuz Elsie wanted to go "find Mommy" who had drifted off to Old Navy, but caught "Motown Philly". 

Oh and I almost forgot to mention the AWESOME cheeseburger we had to walk off from Shake Shack. Holy cats, good stuff.

After a full day of Mall Of America......Sunday was for chillin at home, BUT we had to get some driveway hockey in before the Wild played. :)

Bonus Elsie pic.......the weekend caught up with Elsie......fell asleep between coffee table and couch while watching Trolls on her iPad during "quiet time". Hahaha. So cute.

Last, but not least. You saw Chance The Rapper clean up at the Grammy's (dig that dude), but this is Chance The Fuzzer and this is what he thought of the Grammy's. Then again, he's a dog and probably doesn't really get it cuz I thought the Grammy's were surprisingly good.

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