Bruno Mars' Epic Prince Tribute Was The Highlight of Last Night's Grammys!

Prince's legacy will live on forever, especially with fellow recording artists who respect The Purple One like Bruno Mars and The Time on the watch. 

Bruno and the iconic funk/rock group performed a tribute set for the late icon and everyone watching was on their feet, as soon as the beat dropped. The Time started things off by singing a couple of hits like "Jungle Love" and "The Bird." After they warmed the crowd up, that's when Bruno turned things up a notch and got crazy...seriously.

The "24K Magic" artist, who's been compared to Prince a number of different times throughout his career, put on a performance that would've made the icon proud for sure. Bruno sang his heart out when he performed "Let's Go Crazy." With his guitar in hand, the performer shredded more than a young Arnold Schwarzenegger at the bodybuilding competition on a hot summer day.

(Isha Thorpe)

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