Red Wing, Minnesota - A Finalist To Have A TV Show Filmed There!

We all love to celebrate all things's an opportunity to be a part of something really really cool. My friend, Kendall Mark, who I work with at the Minnesota Wild and have known for a few years now, is from Red Wing and they're in the Top 5 of 14,000 towns to have a TV show filmed in their town, plus a bunch of money to help the community. The link to vote is at the bottom of the page or click here

Kendall actually wanted to tell you about it, first hand, so here's her message.......

"My home town of Red Wing, MN has been selected as one of the finalist in Deluxe Corporation’s Small Business Revolution - Main Street project!! If Red Wing wins, season 2 of the television show "Main Street" will be filmed in Red Wing and my community would receive $500,000 for revitalization of our downtown businesses. This might not seem like that big of a deal, but over 14,000 town applied for this opportunity - whew!

Growing up in Red Wing, I am a small town girl at heart! The love and support I receive from my community has been incredible; when I auditioned to be a FOX Sports North Girl, my hometown stepped up! They haven't stopped supporting me and all of their fellow "Wingers" since. I have grown to appreciate how rare this unfailing support is and do what I can to return support them in return. Red Wing is filled with amazing small businesses. Each and every one of my home town downtown stores is unique and special. Some of my best memories are from visiting Hanish Bakery (nose pressed against the glass cases searching for the cookie with the most frosting) and shopping for my dad at Josephson’s men’s clothing store (with the owner always making me feel like I was the most important patron he ever hosted). Red Wing has so much to offer! It’s the home town of the Red Wing Shoe and proudly hosts the largest boot in the world at its Flagship store. Who doesn’t love Red Wing boots?

Our small city has seen some hard times. The recession and the popularity of big box retail has been tough on our downtown. True to Red Wing’s community spirit, our local business owners have worked hard to promote their wares and unique offerings…but they would benefit greatly from winning the Small Business Revolution contest. Red Wing is a beautiful place to grow up and visit. Now that we are in the Top 5, the contest is all about which community ends up with the most votes. Please take a few moments to vote for the only Minnesota small city left in the running! It’s easy – just follow the link below and you can vote daily through February 16th once a day on all of your devices. Thank you, thank you - let’s bring a win to Red Wing! - Kendall Mark"

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