The List Of The 10 Happiest States Just Came Out, Is Minnesota One Of Them?

The poll found its data through more than 177,000 interviews across the United States, recording each state’s “well-being” index.

Each state was given a grade based on five elements: purpose, social, financial, community and physical.

Texas scored at a 63.1 for tenth place, but is not too far behind the happiest state, Hawaii, which scored a 65.2. West Virginia, who unfortuantely is the state with the lowest score in the entire country scored a 58.9.

Overall, the country is happier as a nation. Last year, the average score was 61.7, and we’ve increased our happiness levels to 62.1 this year.

The Top Ten Happiest States include:

1- Hawaii

2- Alaska

3- South Dakota

4- Maine

5- Colorado

6- Vermont

7- Arizona

8- Montana

9- Minnesota

10- Texas

The Ten Unhappiest States Include

1- West Virginia

2- Oklahoma

3- Kentucky

4- Indiana

5- Arkansa

6- Ohio

7- Alabama

8- Louisiana

9- Rhode Island

10- Mississippi

(Star Telegram)

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