Eating This Dessert For Breakfast Will Make You Smarter

Over the weekend, we celebrated Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast Day, and as it turns out – we CAN! That’s because a recent study has found that eating ice cream for breakfast can actually make you smarter.

Pie all eaten up
Japanese researchers found that participants who ate ice cream for their first meal of the day had faster reaction times and processed information more effectively than the poor participants who didn’t. The study suggests that starting the day with a scoop of ice cream alters your level of alertness and even gives you a “mental boost,” too. And they say it helps reduce “mental irritation” - so it probably makes you less cranky too. Bonus!

Unlucky study participants who didn’t get the frozen dessert for breakfast but had a glass of cold water also had increased alertness and mental capacity, but it turns out the ice cream eaters had higher levels. So maybe we should all start eating our favorite frosty treat in the morning instead of waiting until after dinner. And if anyone gives you the side eye over your early bowl of mint chocolate chip, just tell them you’re boosting your brainpower.


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