What Does Your Favorite Wine Says About You?

A writer on Pure Wow paired your wine with your personality. Does this sound like you?

Pinot Grigio: You love your kids, home jewelry parties and The Real Housewives ... but not necessarily in that order.

Chardonnay: Your favorite movie is anything with Reese Witherspoon.

Chianti: Your favorite movie is Silence of the Lambs.

Pinot Noir: You were voted Most Popular in high school, your hair's always perfect and your social calendar is fuller than your pricey purse.

Moscato: College was the best four years of your life and now you spend your days pinning recipes for something called "slutty brownies" and writing Bachelor fan fiction.

Sauvignon Blanc: You’ve been called a perfectionist, and you’re cool with that. You bought a Burberry trench coat after reading an article about everything a woman should own before she’s 30.

Rosé: You like day drinking and have Googled "Zooey Deschanel style" more than once ... today.

Champagne: You love brunch almost as much as you love Instagramming brunch. And someday, you’ll leave your corporate job to become a blogger.

Cabernet Sauvignon: You have a strong, assertive personality and you know what you want. If that means people think of you as bossy, then so be it.

Malbec: You studied abroad in Argentina and talk about it all the time, even though your Spanish is not even close to fluent.

Whatever Has the Prettiest Label: You live by the motto "beauty is pain" and think that women who wear sneakers instead of stilettos are quitters.

Boxed Wine: You’re kind of our hero.

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