Paul Fletcher's Weekend In 5 Pictures

Most of our weekends are filled with diaper changes, wiping snot, battling temper tantrums and trips to Costco, but mixed in between all that, there's lots of good times. This weekend happened to be completely packed.

Started at our friends Chris & Kim's for Chris' 30th bday bash. It got a little late for the mini-chunk.

As you can see, Kim is, very much, the baby whisperer.

Of course, to go to a birthday party......Elsie needed her nails painted. This was my first attempt EVER. I think I did a pretty bang up job, innovative even? Honestly, even if you think I suck, I don't care, cuz Elsie loved them :)

OH, yeah, Elsie came home from pre-school on Friday with a new word and we were SO proud of her. I believe it's important to be just as proud for little moments like this as we are for big huge moments.

Saturday night, my wife (Spencer, pictured at left) actually got out of the house..............TOGETHER! All to celebrate the 40th bday of my friend Mark (the guy giving you the stink eye.....or tryin to be James Bond?). Such a great night. 

Lastly, we don't really get into the Super Bowl, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy "Super Bowly" food. Crushed Grandma's sloppy joe's recipe. Mmmmmm, it was perfect.

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