Do You Care If Your Husband or Wife Doesn’t Wear Their Wedding Ring?

In 2004, Donald Trump proposed to Melania Knauss, the Slovenian born model he met in 1998, with an engagement ring worth a reported $1.5 million—although he got it half off in exchange for product placement on The Apprentice. 

They were married a year later and the 13-carat emerald-cut diamond continues to take up serious real estate on the First Lady's ring finger. President Trump, however, doesn't wear a wedding ring at all and he’s never explained why. It doesn’t bother me but apparently, it bothers other people.

• Would it bother you if your significant other didn’t wear a wedding ring?

• Would it be easier to take if they bought you a million dollar ring?

For a bigger list of other notable people that don't take part in the tradition, at

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