How You Know You're In The 'Friendzone' With #FriendZoneActivities

The other night, a very NON political conversation was trending: #FriendZoneActivities.

Here are a few of my favorites:

* Listening to her complain about the jerk she likes.

* Watching her kids while she goes on a date

* Anything that ends with "Aw, you're so sweet

* Putting on cologne to hang out with her while she is wearing her sweatpants.

* Protesting at a women’s march while her boyfriend is at a Bachelor party in Vegas

* Hearing the phrase . . . "I need a boyfriend like you.. not you, just someone like you."

* Netflix and Go Home.

* Hearing the phrase “You have always been a great friend.”

* Meeting for coffee.

* Counting the number of times she says “You’re like a brother to me.”

* Listening to the guy go on and on about how pretty the other girl is when you're dressed up for him

* Calling him at 1 AM for a back massage so you can fall back asleep.

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