Could This Turkish Man Be Adele's Biological Father?

A Turkish musician, suddenly surfaced saying that he's the star's biological father.

Turkish taxi driver Mehmet Asar says he had a fling with Adele's mom, Penny Adkins, when she was on vacation in Turkey in 1987. Asar, who is a folk singer in his spare time, tells Britain's Sun, "She returned to England, we spoke on the telephone for a couple of times, but it was both hard and expensive to make international calls at the time. We lost touch afterwards. The time we had been together corresponds with the time Adele was born."

His evidence? "The highlights she makes when she is singing are similar to mine, which could be genetic. [She and her mom] can come and spend their vacation here and we can meet. I think I am Adele's father, I feel it. I can even carry out a DNA test if she wants."

According to the official story, Adele's biological dad is a guy named Marc Evans, who's been out of her life since she was a toddler.

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