New Study Sheds Light On The Overall Happiness of Couples Who 'Pillow Talk'

It’s bedtime and you and your significant other are tucking in for the night ... Do you both fall asleep to the glow of your tablets, roll in opposite directions and mumble a quick good night, or do you cuddle and enjoy some pillow talk before catching your zzz’s? Turns out, according to a new study, couples that regularly engage in pillow talk are happier and healthier.

Research out of Gonzaga University found that married couples who share good news and talk before bed are more intimate, sleep better, and are less stressed than couples who skip bedtime banter. The key is sharing good news and having it received with joy.

The conversation doesn’t have to be heavy – it can be as simple as sharing something silly that happened at Starbucks – but couples who engage in this time of lighthearted sharing feel fulfilled and appreciated by their partner, especially if the conversation has a positive tone and is positively received. 

(Ask Men)

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