These Teens Posted a Photo Eating What, Out of The Toilet?!

A pair of teens from Washington created a stir online by pretending to eat ramen from a toilet bowl.

Taylor O'Dore, 18, snapped a photo of her friend Hannah Hepler, 19, hunched over a toilet full of ramen noodles with a plastic fork placed near her mouth, which O'Dore later posted on Twitter.

The pair told Buzzfeed they were attending Hepler's sister's 21st birthday party at a hotel Seattle when the group decided to make several bowls of instant ramen, many of which were left uneaten the following night.

Hepler decided to flush the excess ramen down the toilet when the sight of the soggy noodles gave her and O'Dore an idea.

"I reached in for a bite and posed for the pic," Hepler said. "I would say Taylor and I are definitely the jokesters in our squad."

O'Dore didn't expect the photo to reach anyone other than her Twitter followers, but soon found it had been shared thousands of times.

"Everyone thought it was so gross," O'Dore told Mashable. "My parents thought it was super weird and weren't surprised Hannah did it. Hannah's parents, specifically her mom, Trish, was so excited to see it get attention on Twitter!"


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