Designers May Have Finally Made The Middle Seat The Best Seat On The Airplane

An interior airplane cabin design recently approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) may take some of the misery out of the dreaded middle seat-- and speed up the boarding process for all passengers. 

Molon Labe Seating, a Colorado-based design firm, says it’s come up with a way to offer middle-seat passengers more room, and give all passengers in the same row a bit more wiggle room. It’s all part of the company’s “Side-Slip” model, which increases the width of the aisle from the usual 20 inches to 42. The aisle seat can be slid across the middle seat in order to make the aisle wider for boarding, before being readjusted prior to takeoff.

“Every time someone sees the design they get this ‘ah-ha’ moment,” Molon Labe Designs CEO Hank Scott told Travel + Leisure.

“Sometimes it’s the wider aisle, sometimes it the extra lateral space they feel when they sit in the staggered design. Of course, every time we fly we also get reminded how necessary this design is ourselves.”

(Fox News)

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